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Re: [BKARTS] Fwd: use of scroll in science education

I am not a science educator, but I was an art educator (up until
June 02) and being a lover of bookmaking myself, often used it with
my students as a method to take notes.  I also taught a self
awareness class for 8th graders and used the concertina book as a
vehicle for an alphabet book about themselves in which they
responded to several issues.  The brilliant thing about the
concertina format for students is that they can get a picture of the
whole thing and relate back and forth in what they have already
done.  It was also great right brain activity just in the flow of
pages, I always approached drawing lessons with the focus on right
brain awareness.  The book format as vehicle for notes accomplished
several things besides the absorbtion of info, it also made the
information an 'object', even better a 'personal object'.

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