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Re: [BKARTS] Pellon or equal

>Printers and Pellon: I have checked archives but do not find information I
>swear I have read here before concerning printing on Pellon or its friendly
>companion whose name I can never keep in my brain. As I own Pellon, I hope
>to use it instead of its cousin.

Hi A,

As someone who used to sew with Pellon a lot, I can guarantee that you can
heat it with a very hot iron without any problems.  I doubt very seriously
if it will melt in a printer.  Also, I seem to remember seeing somewhere
about printing on it, too, but can't remember where.

Maybe you're thinking about the many fusibles out on the market, which look
a lot like Pellon.......they'll definitely melt...........

If you do run it through, make sure you have a stiff backing underneath it
attached to the Pellon to pull it through the printer.....

Bobbi C.

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