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Re: [BKARTS] question

>Here in Florida, it begins with registering your Fictitious Name with the
>Secretary of State. (I've become an expert because we are soon changing the
>Red Wagon name. Came up with one, registered it, then came up with a better
>one, and registered that. The State of Florida is $100 richer as a result.)
>You may be able to do this online through your state's government website.

Same in Texas, except it's a bit cheaper.  Make sure you go down to the
county court house or wherever and look through their records to make sure
nobody has the name you want before you register one.  All I had to do was
fill out a form, get it notarized, and send it in with $8.....that was a
few years ago, it's probably more now....But it is pretty easy.

Like John said, though, that doesn't give you any national
protection.........I'd also suggest that you grab the URL for your name.
There have been instances where people get a name, then check and find out
that the URL is already taken by someone else.  So far there isn't any law
that says that a person can't do that......and if someone else gets your
name, you'll have to sue them to try and get it back.....and you can only
do that if it's trademarked...an expensive thing to do.

I hope I haven't confused you........

Bobbi C.

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