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Re: [BKARTS] Books left in the cold

>Bobbi- Thank you- Yes, these are books put together for me by Star Bindery
>in Stoughton Mass.  I then put my artwork on the front of them...
>If nothing else, it is a good idea to unbind the warped ones, then possibly
>re-use the remaining good stock in future books . It would be a pain, but
>better than tossing them. thank you!

Glad my suggeston helped.  After working in a print shop for four years, I
learned how to save almost any kind of paper thing!  LOL  I also like
recycling, and reusing if possible........

I've been wanting to put some of my artwork on journals, too, for gifts,
but am being stoopid about doing them all by hand myself.  LOL........Maybe
I should pay someone to do a few for me.......

Bobbi C.

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