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Re: [BKARTS] Books left in the cold

In a message dated 2/10/03 12:51:37, anna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Due to lack of storage, I left quite a few boxes full of blank books
(mattboard covers, graphika wheat 70lb text pages) out in my garage in this
cold New Hampshire winter....
When I brought some of them in, I noticed some warping of the inside pages-
due to moisture, I assume. ....... could you share any ideas on how to
transition the books inside to a warmer climate with the best chances of
drying/straigtening them out.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Although I do not have any direct experience with cold books, it would seem
to me that -- as Ed has suggested -- letting them acclimate would be best.
My theoretical explanation: When you bring the books into a warm room from
the cold environment, moisture will condense on the exposed surfaces. That
moisture will be absorbed, then evaporate as the item warms. Since (some)
paper can be very sensitive to moisture, especially on one side, this may be
where the problem is. I would suggest wrapping the books -- outside, in the
cold -- snug in paper, possibly even in plastic. When you bring then inside,
keep them lightly weighted under a wooden board (same size or larger) with a
couple of bricks. After a few days, the books should be the same temperature
as the room.
A further thought: It should be possible to salvage the warped books by
rehumidifying (throughout/uniformily), and then placing the book under a
weight (as above). It is a little difficult to explain the entire process in
this short message.
Good Luck.

Bill Minter
William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
Woodbury, PA

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