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Re: [BKARTS] Books left in the cold

I have some experience with leaving books in vacation property from
when I had a cottage in Northern Ontario. There usually is not too
much problem since most sources of heat are very dry. Usually
Electric heat in cabins or wood stoves and fireplaces which radiate
a lot of heat but not much moisture. Since your wet clothes are also
fairly cold and do not dry very quickly the moisture content in the
cabin usually doesn't go up much. When it is a problem occurs during
parties with lot's of cooking and people breathing.

One thing you certainly want to make sure is that your bookcases are
on inside walls. When the place heats up and the moisture level
climbs from cooking and people, books on outside walls insulate the
wall from the room and you can get a lot of condensation on the wall
and the fore edge of the books. I've had mould develop as well in
that situation.

Freezing stops the mould growing and summer dries everything out
again but the sell of the mould never leaves the books no matter how
much you clean them.

Ah the joys of a Canadian winter! I'm glad I libve in Victoria now,
gloat, gloat.

Who is looking out at his crocuses blooming and daffodils and tulips

At 09:08 PM 10/02/03 -0800, you wrote:
>   3. Books in vacant houses or vacation property. If the house is left
>without heat on and the owners return for some cross country skiing in
>winter and warm up the house suddenly.
>Does anyone know how much of a problem this is?

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