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Re: [BKARTS] Alum tawed thongs

>Maybe if my skin is goat it might be advantageous to pack the sewing to
>make it a bit less floppy. If I packed, would I follow the sewing you
>suggested with a figure eight around the thongs?

Well, part of being 'floppy' is being 'stretchy' so pack sewing is only
a partial solution.  If you will use the goatskin, consider a twisted
split thong w/pack sewing.

That is, cut the thongs and then cut a slit through the center, leaving
some uncut leather at each end.  Pass one end through the slit a few
times, pulling the thong taut each time until you are satisfied with
the size/shape.

Then sew the figure-8 w/packing.  Under the covering leather it will
look more-or-less as though you had sewn on cords.

It will be somewhat less stretchy, but the textblock should open easily.


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