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Re: [BKARTS] Pellon thanks

There are also Reemay and Hollytex, both of which have a tighter "weave"
than Pellon. Of the two, Hollytex is the tighter. I would not use it in
place of muslin, but as a conservator use it as a barrier between an object
and blotter when pasting things out or as a support when washing. Paste
won't stick to it, but PVA (and PVA mix will).

IF I might, two more question: does anyone know the "or equal" name to
pellon? I am not confusing it with fusible items like "wonder under"
although I had worried about it being more in the category of Tyvek. But
there is another product that has a finer texture to it than the Pellon that
I think some bookmakers use, perhaps in the place of muslin...

Scotch tape. At least it works when I've passes leather through.

AND, do you have recommendations for adhering the Pellon to a carrier to
keep it in alignment as it travels through the printer?

With appreciation,


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