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[BKARTS] supplies in Maine plus cold books

1) I second all the recommendations re: Artists and Craftsmen Supply
in Portland - this is a wonderful store with not only a nice
selection of 'arty' paper but also cardstock, craft papers, a whole
aisle of drawing and painting tablets, large shelves of paper for
printing and bookmaking, plus lots and lots of all kinds of pens and
pencils and brushes and inks and paints - just one happy place to
wander around in - I never get out of there without dropping serious
bucks.  But then, there really isn't any other place in Maine with
this selection.

2) Anna said >>When I brought some of them in, I noticed some warping
of the inside pages->>>>

What isn't clear to me is whether they were already warped when she
brought them in, or did they warp after they came inside?  I would go
with Ed and press them under weights for at least a couple of weeks
if not a month.  Sad to say I kept several boxes of regular books in
my barn for a few years and when retrieved many had warped seriously
- I am going to assume this was due to fluctuations throughout the
year in temperature and humidity.  As a consequence, all my books are
now inside with me and very crowded it is.

3) And now pardon my ignorance, but what are you using pellon for in
book-binding?  I use it in papermaking between the fresh sheets, what
are you doing?

Henrietta on the cold and snowy and windy coast of Maine.
Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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