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Re: [BKARTS] acclimating--was Books left in the cold

 When we loaned or received items for exhibit the policy was to let the
package/crate acclimate for a minimum of 24 hours before opening it.  This
was at a library, and I believe this is standard at museums too.

I had a different situation at home this past summer, which I've been
meaning to ask about.  I had a couple of china plates shipped to me, and
they were left on my concrete driveway by the delivery person.  Could have
been there all day, but they would have been in the sun for a maximum of
four hours.  The plates were in bubble wrap, and there was a minimum of five
inches between the plates and the cardboard box.  When I unwrapped the
plates they were HOT--not just warm.  I was surprised--the plates just kept
accumulating heat, and were probably 30-40 degrees (F) warmer than the
outside temperature.  This seems to have implications for other materials
that are shipped.  Since I have followed the rule of acclimating the package
to its new environment, when the contents are of value, I haven't been aware
of temperature extremes that the contents might be feeling.  I thought that
packages would experience the actual weather, and did not realize that the
contents could be much hotter (and colder?).

Cathy Atwood

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