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Re: [BKARTS] Pellon thanks

>IF I might, two more question: does anyone know the "or equal" name to
>pellon? I am not confusing it with fusible items like "wonder under"
>although I had worried about it being more in the category of Tyvek. But
>there is another product that has a finer texture to it than the Pellon that
>I think some bookmakers use, perhaps in the place of muslin...

Non-fusible interfacing......any fabric store will carry several
weights....There is also "buckram" which is the bookbinding stuff......also
found at fabric stores, but different.........it's stiffer than Pellon.

>AND, do you have recommendations for adhering the Pellon to a carrier to
>keep it in alignment as it travels through the printer?

There are several ways......Either iron it to a piece of freezer paper
(shiny side) and cut it all to exactly 8.5 x 11 and send it through, or put
a piece of double sided tape at the end that feeds through and stick it to
a piece of cardstock or something a bit heavier.  I've had great luck
printing on silk using the freezer paper method.............

Bobbi C.

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