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Re: [BKARTS] Vellum source

A few years back when I was working in a private conservation studio in
Pittsburgh,  a local synagogue had a serious fire.  Many of their
'decommissioned' torah (those no longer sacred and used for teaching
purposes) -some dating back to the 15th century- suffered from smoke
damage.  I was set to the task of cleaning them, and received a visit
from the synagogue reps, as well as a sofer (Rabbinical scribe) from
Brooklyn.  Curious as to what the sofer would use as an adhesive for
attaching fills to losses, and tear-repair is asked him.  Expecting an
answer of parchment size or other proteinaceous adhesive, he replied
"Elmer's glue".

The lesson learned:  Just because someone has inherited an age-old
tradition and craft, it doesn't mean they are sticking to age old
materials and techniques.

-Doug Sanders
> Try a good Jewish Museum.  They're quite connected in these matters.
Or a good
> Hassidic School.
> Our Jewish Museum here in Sydney has a lovely skin on show in a glass
> It took our breath away:  so beautiful; so perfect.
> For the Torah, only the best will do.  And made in Israel, of course.
> Peter Krantz

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