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Re: [BKARTS] Books left...--Mold

Bill wrote:
>Sorry to step on your toes:  I DO NOT think it is a good idea to
>suggest/recommend brushing mold spores, "bloom" from paper. ..>>

I have to agree.  As someone who is severely allergic to mold spores, I've
learned that they never are killed off unless subjected to major chemicals
or UV light.  Mold doesn't just go away, it floats around in the air, grows
according to humidity and temperature of a room, etc. When it gets into
paper, there's no way to kill it except to burn the paper....

Down here in Texas, the mold is so bad that insurance companies have
refused to cover homes because of it.  Many of them are almost out of
business because of having to deal with mold damage.  Schools are being
torn down and rebuilt because of molds, etc.

It's nasty stuff, and can literally kill.......

Bobbi C.

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