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Re: [BKARTS] Books left in the cold-covers or pages warping?

Hi Ed:

Don't you just hate it when you also give some information out, then someone
goes and gives credit to another person but not you? I had indeed read your
earlier post, then personally concluded that Anna's problem was not the same
as yours, and I was commenting directly about Anna's problem. But I may have
been mistaken?

I assumed that Anna had left her books as received from the bindery, which
probably meant that they were lying in a nice flat position. According to
her message below, it was the inside pages that had warped. Warping of
inside pages is generally waviness. The pages of books are thin and don't
really take a set as far as one large curvature? Am I right? Anna didn't say
whether the warping had occurred in the boxes or after taking them out. Ed,
your use of the word distorted lead me to believe that maybe your books have
been left in a position that caused the whole book structure to tilt or
curve, or that the climate or moisture had warped the cover or spine

I would be very interested in getting the real picture of what is happening
in both situations. What did the warp of Anna's books look like? Where the
covers distorted as well? What was the distortion of your books like, Ed.
Both situations are of interest to me and probably many others, but the
cause may have been different.

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-----Original Message-----
Ben ,

Someone with direct experience DID surface. I said that I had books that had
been kept in an unheated storage building during the winter, which got to be
mis-shapen while they were still in the cold. I straightened them out the
best I could and put them in a book press for a month or so. The result was
not perfection, but any deformity that remained was scarcely noticible and
comparison, I was quite happy with the result. I concluded that they needed
to be reacclimated while in the proper position.

Ed Stansell

-----Original Message-----
I have had a similar experience. Books that I had in an unheated storage
building for a long time were distorted due to the climate in storage. They
did not improve when brought in from the cold.  I would recommend that they
be straightened as best can be done and kept under pressure for a good
Weeks, maybe, until they adjust to there new habitat. It took a long time to
get that way, that won't be corrected overnight.

Ed Stansell

-----Original Message-----
Due to lack of storage, I left quite a few boxes full of blank books
(mattboard covers, graphika wheat 70lb text pages) out in my garage in this
cold New Hampshire winter. (lots of snow this year, very cold)...

When I brought some of them in, I noticed some warping of the inside pages-
due to moisture, I assume.  Does anyone have experience with books that
change from extreme temperatures, or could you share any ideas on how to
transition the books inside to a warmer climate with the best chances of
drying/straigtening them out.

Anna B

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