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Re: [BKARTS] Books left...-Mold

In a message dated 2/11/03 12:09:32, CraftBook@xxxxxxx writes:

<< However brushing is removes more of the bloom than vacuuming, because
vacuums that are gentle enough to be used on book pages are nearly
ineffectual in removing the bloom of mildew and other molds. >>

(I figured there would be more to discuss.)
I am going out on a limb about this, as I only have minimal experience:
A "Vacuum Aspirator" is basically an Eye Dropper connected to a vacuum pump
and other components. The result is that a much greater vacuum is achieved.
The results are ASTONISHING!
To give you some idea, think of a farmer's field (cornfield?) before and
after the harvest. The vacuum aspirator literally harvests the mold spores
from the paper leaving it -- IN SOME/MOST CASES -- like new(?). Of course, if
the paper was wet, there still will be other stains that are not removable
with this technique.
A vacuum aspirator can be a very safe (unfortunately, time consuming) way to
remove unsightly mold spores from paper.
Bill Minter

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