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Re: [BKARTS] Books left in the cold-covers or pages warping?

> Anna had left her books as received from the bindery, which
> probably meant that they were lying in a nice flat position.

 Yes. This is true. They are all in a flat position, all stacked on top of
each other within sealed cardboard boxes. There are about 10 boxes of 30
books each. When I brought one box of books inside, (into warm), I took the
books out immediately, I noticed the slight 'waviness of the paper' and
within 24 hours, the warping of the cover. (curved upward bend)

>From all the advice given, I'm thinking I will bring them inside in wrapped
boxes and not take them out for a couple weeks (maybe longer). It seems like
this will let them adjust to the warmer temperature while in their stacked
boxed form, which is pretty tight, and naturally weighted down...

I am very grateful for everyone's ideas. Thank you.
Anna B
Anna Birch
Queen Oscar Designs
online at www.queenoscar.com

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