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Re: [BKARTS] Books left...-Mold

<< However brushing is removes more of the bloom than vacuuming, because
vacuums that are gentle enough to be used on book pages are nearly
ineffectual in removing the bloom of mildew and other molds. >>

I disagree.  If you use the right vacuum, it can be very effective in
removing mold spores.  True, an ordinary vac won't do it, because they
don't have fine enough filters, and the mold spores are so tiny that
they will just be blown out the exhaust of an ordinary vac (even those
that are filled with water.) The spores are then scattered all around
the room or on you.

We use a HEPA filtered vacuum on moldy books.  The suction adjusts so
you can do the most fragile of paper, or a sturdy modern paper. It's
HEPA (high efficiency particulate ...) filter catches particles down to
0.3 microns and assures that 99.97% of particulates are retained.  This
vac also can be fitted with a set of 'microtools' that allows you to
really focus the suction.

We have been very pleased with it.

Ann Frellsen
Collections Conservator
Preservation Office,  Woodruff Library, Rm. 127
Emory University Libraries
Atlanta, GA  30322-2870
phone: 404-727-0307         FAX  404-727-0053

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