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[BKARTS] Seeking a source for thermal binding adhesive (the type used in Coverbind machines)


Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology in asking these two questions.

Question 1. 
Does anyone know of a source for the solid plastic (?) adhesive that can be used with a heating device (such as a Coverbind machine) to create a perfectbound binding?

I am working on a project to print and bind approximately 250 lectures into 16 volumes of about 150 sheets (300 pages) each. I need to produce five copies of each volume. I have access to a high-speed photocopier that can receive my files over a server and print the materials double-sided on 8.5 x 11 paper, so fortunately printing the 24,000 pages is achievable, and I only have to pay for the paper, not the use of the machine. (After the books are bound, I plan to find someone who will trim one side so that the final book is about 8.5 x 6). I also have an old Coverbind thermal binding machine and a few old Coverbind covers - I've scavenged the coverstock for the white plastic (?) strips of adhesive and inserted one into the spine of my own cover to make a dummy book. Then I heated the spine in the Coverbind machine and the result seemed acceptable.
The problem is I don't have any more covers and Coverbind only sells their own covers, which are unacceptable. I'd like to find a supplier for a solid adhesive that can be cut to the correct spine dimensions to bind my books in the Coverbind thermal binding machine.
If anyone is wondering what a Coverbind machine is, the website is www.coverbind.com, but they do not explain there what the material is that they use in their binding.

Question 2.
I would welcome anyone's comments about my intended methods of approaching this project, since I really know very little about bookbinding. I've printed and assembled a few books (my friend's unpublished novels) by hand using laser and inkjet printers and the old Coverbind, that's all.

The resulting books will be used rather frequently, perhaps even daily. I know that perfect binding is probably not the best choice. If I had unlimited time and funds, I'd probably print the pages myself on 11 x17 double-sided sheets using an Epson 1280 inkjet and send them out to be folded, trimmed and then hand-sewn and case bound. But I imagine that would be quite expensive. 

I would welcome especially recommendations on the best paper to use in a photocopier (Canon imageRUNNER 5000i) when printing double-sided, where the paper is passed through the heated section not once but twice.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Jim Schaeffer, Jr.
25 Law Drive
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Telephone: 973.575.9114 extension 115
Fax: 973-575-0013
Email: web@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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