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Re: [BKARTS] Pellon thanks


I believe if you do a net search for Hovotex (I think they are the original
producers of all the tapes for the drapery industry) they might be able to give
you specs or head you in the direction to get this info.   I think this company
is in Holyoke Ma.  Daniel Kelm would probably know the place  - since it's his



Ann Grasso wrote:

> To all who offered ideas,
> Much thanks: yes, I will try the iron as I have no spare parts for my
> current printers. And of course, the scientific idea of considering how much
> heat a product can withstand as well as how much heat the printer puts out,
> is a perfect quest. No German speak, but I may try the site offered by Oak
> Knoll and see if I can muddle through.
> IF I might, two more question: does anyone know the "or equal" name to
> pellon? I am not confusing it with fusible items like "wonder under"
> although I had worried about it being more in the category of Tyvek. But
> there is another product that has a finer texture to it than the Pellon that
> I think some bookmakers use, perhaps in the place of muslin...
> AND, do you have recommendations for adhering the Pellon to a carrier to
> keep it in alignment as it travels through the printer?
> With appreciation,
> A.

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