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[BKARTS] Pellon quest complete, but what is Reemay?

To Henrietta on the cold and snowy and windy coast of Maine:

[3) And now pardon my ignorance, but what are you using pellon for in
book-binding? I use it in papermaking between the fresh sheets, what are you

Although my appreciation for those on this list who are conservators is
vast, my personal interest in bookmaking is from the artist book side of the
table. I have painted, printed with an etching press, couched paper with
pigment thus staining Pellon and have always found the material strong,
translucent and sometimes quite beautiful as a secondary outcome. Currently,
I am working on a project where I need a very strong "paper" to use as a
container and think Pellon will do the trick. But I need to place words on
it. Thus the quest.

And to Peter V. who came up with Hollytex, the missing word in my mental
file cabinet, I will now get a better nights sleep. Much thanks. It is
exactly the name I had heard before and "misplaced."

[Be careful!  I just tested Reemay and Tyvek with an iron: both melt. I
would not use either as a backing in a laser printer, which gets quite hot.]
I am familiar with the melting qualities of Tyvek, but am unfamiliar with
Reemay. Is it a product like Tyvek with a different trade name? Or does it
have different properties...

This weekend, I will try the Pellon or Hollytex on freezer paper (who knew)
and hope to have a printer, as well as the printed, at the end of the
venture. Again, my thanks for all the guidance.


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