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Re: [BKARTS] Pellon quest complete, but what is Reemay?

> I am familiar with the melting qualities of Tyvek, but am unfamiliar with
> Reemay. Is it a product like Tyvek with a different trade name? Or does it
> have different properties...
A special property of Reemay is that it wicks moisture from freshly pasted
or glued materials allowing them to dry faster. A sheet larger than the
book, placed between the pastedowns and the flyleaf, with waxed paper next
to the flyleaf, absorbs the moisture and allows it to dissipate outside the
book. It helps to place a clean blotter or other absorbent paper between the
Reemay and the waxed paper, changing the blotter a few times after a
half-hour or so. I use it also in strips between the japanese paper guards
in repairing folds before resewing. It really cuts down the drying time.


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