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[BKARTS] conservation consultation, please

Hello, I need some help with an altered book that is in dangerous dis-repair.
 It is paper-back, not hard cover, and rather old...more than 50 years old,
I'd reckon.  It is a french poetry book.  The front cover is already torn
away from the spine and the back cover is just about to go.  The spine is
totally exposed, and interestingly enough it is
letter embossed with the name of the printer in French.  I can't read the
 Now I don't want to destroy the cover, quite lovely, but fragile, and I
don't want to totally rebind it. I was thinking of getting some buckram or
its equivalent in the sewshop, cleaning the spine, attaching the buckram to
the spine to reinforce it and wrap it around a fraction to the front and back
covers, and then overleafing it will a heavyweight marblezied paper that
matches the tawny brown original cover.
 I invented this idea after reading about 20-odd conservation
articles, none of which directly addresses this sort of dilemma.
 Does any one know if my idea will work or can anyone offer a  suggestion to
fix the cover without destroying it (or covering it).
 Thanks so much, a total conservation novice

"Failure is impossible!" Susan B. Anthony

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