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[BKARTS] conservation, pls, 2

Thanks, Ed and Jules, for responding.  The only visible original material is
the actual paper cover.  It is what you might call a pamphlet binding, and
while the book is old, its value is really now as an altered book, and I fear
for its survival if I don't provide some support to the cover.  The book has
to travel to 2 more people before it returns to Paris, and the book owner is
not familiar with bookbinding at all.  I was hoping to keep it together and
not abuse its simplicity by what might be "a hinge."   The other paper
recommendation I found for some situations like this is map folding paper,
but I'm not sure if that is a good alternative, and don't know if I will find
a source for a minimum order to do a repair.  I am not a restorer, as I said,
but just an interested novice with a poor book child that needs fixing.
 Thank you both,

"Failure is impossible!" Susan B. Anthony

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