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[BKARTS] From Dr. Hanna Co-ordinator for ICOM-CC Wood and Furniture Working Group

Dear Colleague,
I am writing as Co-ordinator for ICOM-CC Wood and Furniture Working Group
I would like first to introduce (ICOM-CC-W&F-WG) in brief.

ICOM-CC <http://icom.museum/> is the International Committee for
Conservation of the International Council of Museums
As an effective International organization network ICOM-CC is the largest of
the international committees of ICOM with more than 1700 voting members
worldwide beside hundreds of non-voting member and hundreds of ICOM-CC
friends from every branch of the museum and conservation profession. In
brief it is the ICOM Committee for Conservation network for professionals
committed to the conservation & restoration of the world's museum
collections and culture property.
ICOM-CC-W&F-WG covers all areas of wood such as wooden objects, wooden
furniture, ethnographic wood (totem poles etc) wood technology,
archaeological wood and wood science.
It also covers all areas of lacquer and related materials etc.
It built up of professionals, specialists, conservators, scientists,
curators, technicians and other professionals, who are working or interested
in conservation and restoration of wood, furniture, lacquer and related
materials and who actively collaborate, study and promote the conservation
and analysis of culturally and historically significant works.
The group members communicate with their colleagues through e-mail lists,
newsletters, meetings and the Triennial meetings).

As the Co-ordinator for ICOM-CC-W&F-WG I welcome all those who are working
or interested in conservation and restoration of wood and furniture to
submit for the membership of the ICOM-CC-W&F-WG and to inform and encourage
other to do so.

Actually we have four categories of membership in our group those could
cover all of us and our Colleges as the following:
1-ICOM-CC voting members (Those are ICOM-CC voting members)
2-ICOM-CC non- voting members (Those are ICOM-CC non-voting members)
3-ICOM members (Those are ICOM members but not ICOM-CC members)
4-ICOM-CC friends. (Those are neither ICOM members nor ICOM-CC members)

Could you please indicate in your submission the sort of membership that fit
you and send all the possible of your information (ICOM ID No., Title, Job,
address, Tel Nos., E-mail, Web site .etc).

All the submissions and suggestions should be sent to:
Dr. Hany Hanna Aziz Hanna
8 Sayed Darwish St.,
El-Kousaiareen (11291),

Please indicate in your massage subject the following reference (ICOM-CC-W&F

Again those who are interested to become ICOM member and ICOM-CC voting
members (or non-voting member or ICOM-CC friends) please connect the ICOM-CC
secretariat to be directed and guided how to become members.
Isabelle Verger
ICOM-CC Secretariat
via San Michele, 13
00153 Rome
Tel:00 39 06 58 553 410
Fax:00 39 06 58 553 349
E-mail: secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxx

Our group milling lists are

Our milling list archive and all the massages are available, at

Our secondary web side is:

Please see also:
ICOM Web Site: http://icom.museum/
ICOM-CC Web Site: http://icom-cc.icom.museum/
The ICOM site is also mirrored at several sites including Conservation
OnLine (CoOL) <URL:http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/icom>

Could you also forward my massage to every e-mail address or milling list
you may have for the conservation professionals?

I look forward to hearing from you,
Yours Sincerely,

Dr./ Hany Hanna Aziz Hanna (Mr.)
Senior Conservator, Head of Department of conservation, Supreme Council of
Antiquities (SCA), EGYPT.
Chair, Wood and furniture-CC(ICOM-CC-W&F)
Mobil No.: 0039 - 3495472212
Tel. No.: 002 - 02 - 4234474
Fax. No.: 002 - 02 - 4251411
Postal Address:
8 Sayed Darwish st., El-Kousaiareen, Cairo, Egypt (11291).

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