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[BKARTS] Advertisement: Peachey Tool catalogue #2

I'm very pleased to present the second issue of my tool catalogue, featuring
10 new tools I feverishly invented over the past year.

For bookbinders trained in a French or Swiss tradition, or who like a
non-flexible knife, I now make a narrow Swiss style knife for paring. I also
am making a disbinding tool, box making jigs, a two inch bronze triangle, a
pear wood bandstick and metal microspatulas.  For sharpening, I now carry 3M
Microfinishing film; although a little more expensive than standard
abrasive papers, they cut amazingly well and last 3-4 times long.  For final
honing, I now make strops from Genuine Horse Butt.

You can get this catalogue three ways:

1.  Download it directly from:

2.  Send me an email and I will send you a .pdf attachment.

3.  Send me your address and I will send you a print version.



Jeffrey S. Peachey
Knives and Bookbinding Tools
150 E. 3rd. St, Suite 3E
New York, NY  10009


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