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[BKARTS] The end of Nexus Press?


I am posting this sad message for Brad Freeman, current and perhaps last
Director of Nexus Press.

Nexus Press has been a key player and very important in the Artists' book
field since the late seventies.

As Clif Meador, himself a Director of Nexus Press from 1985 to 1988, has
said: "Fifty years from now, Nexus Press will still be cited as one of the
major players in the field of books made by artists, having created a
really notable list of publications. I think it is shortsighted to de-fund
(or whatever euphemism we care to use) Nexus Press, when it is the only part
of the Contemporary that has any national presence."

What is especially sad is that Nexus Press was about to come out with a
number of important titles.

It would be wonderful if Nexus Press could find a new home.

Here is Brad's message:


On Feb 18 I was informed by Missi McMorries, President of the Board
of Directors of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and Rob Smulian,
Director of the Contemporary, that operations at Nexus Press were to
cease on March 5 and that I was being let go/laid off.

McMorries said that a Task Force will be put in place to figure out
what to do with the Press.

She also stated that Nexus Press belongs in an institution other than
the Contemporary.

Nexus Press deserves a real home.


Brad Freeman
Publisher - JAB, The Journal of Artists' Books
110 Warren Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22901

404.577.7422 h

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Philip Zimmermann
Zimmermann Multiples
and Spaceheater Editions
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pzim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   or

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