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[BKARTS] Help Save Nexus Press

As a follow-up to Philip Zimmermann's message about the imminent closing
of Nexus Press, Brad Freeman has sent along the names and email
addresses of the Board Members of The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
and the Friends of the Press. He said, "if you feel inclined to send a
note about the abrupt and unforeseen closing of Nexus Press to the
following, it would be much appreciated."

I was one of many Book_Arts list members involved in the letter-writing
effort a few years back to save The Press at Colorado College. I later
heard that the emails and letters contributed greatly to the decision by
Colorado College to retain the Press, at least for the present. As for
letters, it is helpful for the reader if you identify yourself per. your
involvement in the field (exhibiting artist, professional affiliation,
etc.), and also address the national/international prominence of the

Some of the most important books in this field have emerged from Nexus
Press. Let us hope it continues to enrich us.

Betty Bright

email addresses:

"Missi McMorries" <mmcmorries@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
"Arlene Gardaya" <thearbcusgroup@xxxxxxx>,
"Catherine Kelley" <bookofkells@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Charles Nelson" <charlesnjr@xxxxxxx>,
"Cindy Davis" <cindydavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Deanna Sirlin" <deannasirlin@xxxxxxxxx>,
"Debbie Armstrong" <Debbie.Armstrong@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Gregor Turk" <intherealm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Joia M Johnson" <jjohnson@xxxxxxxx>,
"Jonathan Simon" <jonathan.simon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Kevin Salwen" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxx>,
"Lance Weatherby" <lance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Larry Walker" <retiredartprof@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Linda Armstrong" <larmstr@xxxxxxxxx>,
"Lisa Hart" <mullerhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Liz Lapidus" <liz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Marcia Weber" <marcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Melinda Bergbom" <melinda.bergbom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Michael Behr MD" <behrdoc@xxxxxxxxx>,
"Michael Landau" <mlandau@xxxxxxx>,
"Molly Mears" <jmmears@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Nick Gold" <ngold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Robert Smulian" <rsmulian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Sara Schlesinger" <jrosco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Terry Sagedy" <terry@xxxxxxxxxx>,
"Timothy Tew" <timothy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Tony Clancy" <j.anthony.clancy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Victoria Durant-Gonzales" <vdurantg@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
"William Estes III" <bill.estes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"Deborah Ryan" <dryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Helena Reckitt" <reckitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Mandy Mastrovita" <fatfink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Mary Walton" <mwalton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
"Michelle Frost" <mmartin_pennhouse@xxxxxxxxx>

below are members of the Friends of the Press

"Anne F. Bessac" <abessac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Brad Freeman <jabeditor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Henry Darby <paschalldarby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
LISA HART <mullerhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Moira Steven <moira.steven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
robin bernat <rbernat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,

Brad Freeman
Director, Nexus Press
535 Means Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

Publisher - JAB, The Journal of Artists' Books
110 Warren Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22901

404.577.3579 w
404.577.7422 h

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