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Re: [BKARTS] Lewis Carroll on book spine panels

Just to keep you all updated on this matter.

The gentleman from the Lewis Carroll Society of North America has provided a
reply concerning the essay purportedly written by Lewis Carroll, and quoted in
Eric Burdett's book on bookbinding.  He has contacted the most learned Carroll
scholars in the US and the UK, and none of them know of the essay on this
subject.  Carroll did correspond with Macmillan, his Publisher, and discussed
his ideas of a title on the spine of the dust jacket of The Hunting of the
Snark.  However, nothing to date has been found on the subject of spine panels.
The scholars are still looking amongst the unpublished essays (hundreds and
hundreds of them, and which are soon to be published).

This essay has stumped many.  There is the suggestion that it has been wrongly
attributed to Carroll, which, the gentleman has indicated, is not uncommon with
Carroll's writings.  It may be that Eric Burdett has himself wrongly attributed
it to Carroll, (innocently, of course), or that it has been attributed
incorrectly from a source from which Eric Burdett borrowed it.

Nevertheless, the hunt is still on, and one day, we may be able to present to
this enterprising List this essay concerning the dimensions of spine panels on
that ubiquitous item known as the book.


Peter Krantz

Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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