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Re: [BKARTS] Help Save Nexus Press

What is so perplexing about the action of the Board of the Atlanta
Contemporary Art Center is the abruptness with which its decision to end
its affiliation with Nexus Press was conveyed to Brad Freeman, the more so
in that, as is patently clear from The Contemporary's Web site:


The Contemporary trumpets its association with Nexus ...

-- as well it might, since Nexus is the principal reason why most
non-Georgians have heard of The Contemporary in the first place. We would
welcome a public statement from Board Chair Missi McMorries justifying the
appropriateness of ending a distinguished and long-established relationship
at two weeks' notice in such a way as to put the future of Nexus at risk.

-Terry Belanger

At 05:07 PM 2/20/2003, Betty Bright wrote: ...  I was one of many Book_Arts
list members involved in the letter-writing effort a few years back to save
The Press at Colorado College. I later heard that the emails and letters
contributed greatly to the decision by Colorado College to retain the
Press, at least for the present. As for letters, it is helpful for the
reader if you identify yourself per. your involvement in the field
(exhibiting artist, professional affiliation,
etc.), and also address the national/international prominence of the
        Some of the most important books in this field have emerged from
Press. Let us hope it continues to enrich us. Betty Bright

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