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[BKARTS] wonder under - a pellon product

"I am looking for material (Tape) to hinge pages in a handmade photo album.
I need something acid free, archival, permanent, heat setting or pressure
sensitive tape, something along the line of pellon"

During recent listings concerning pellon - and I thank you all for your help
- it may be good to make a distinction in products. Pellon by name is a
stiffener with no adhesive qualities. However, the company that makes this
product makes another webbing product called Wonder Under (like stitch
witchery) which is an adhesive product. All three of the listed products are
used in Surface Design for art purposes as well as yardage. They can be
washed repeatedly. They are thin. Archival qualities are not much discussed
(at all???) in Surface Design - but the products mentioned in this graph are
used repeatedly for excellent work, now in museum collections. It is
interesting that archival quality is such a clear focus of the book arts
while less of a priority discussion in other art genres. I do not know about
Pellon's (and its sister materials) archival quality but I fear it will
outlast the papers and cloths to which it adheres. I don't know, but I very
much doubt it is acidic.

Having said this, I like Betty's idea of the tape and PVA - if it is not too


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