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Re: [BKARTS] Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

I believe this email has a virus associated with it.

on 2/21/03 8:55 AM, Drew at drew@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Last night I had the wonderful experience of viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls
> exhibit at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, Michigan that
> is). This is a world class exhibit that explores documents that are over
> 2000 years old. Fragments of the scroll are on display under very tight
> security. The largest fragment on display is from the Book of Psalms and is
>> 70 cm in length. Along with the scrolls are several audio and/or visual
> displays. A very beautiful 15th C. Koran is on display, samples of cuneiform
> writing on clay shards and many other examples of very early writing. Two of
> the display cases cover conservation errors made in the 1950s when the
> scrolls were first being examined. A link to the museums homepage is
> attached. http://www.grmuseum.org/. The display runs through June 1, 2003;
> advance tickets are required.
> Many thanks to all on this list who have contributed to my learning about
> the book arts,
> Drew Robinson

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