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Re: [BKARTS] Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

I have also had the privilege of attending this exhibit and found it
wonderfully informative. So much so, that I feel I will need to
attend again to more fully absorb all that is contained in this huge

I found the video on how parchment is made from animal skins quite
fascinating. The tactile interactive portion where it is possible to
touch parchment, clay, bark, etc was the highlight for one of the
younger members of our group.

Ticket prices are quite reasonable at $14 (adult) but somewhat
difficult to obtain for "prime viewing" dates/times at the moment.
This event is scheduled to run until June 1st so I assume tickets
will become less problematic once the exhibit has been here for a
while. I highly recommend attending, if at all possible.


Original message: Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 08:55:49 -0500
From: Drew
Subject: Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Last night I had the wonderful experience of viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls
exhibit at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, Michigan that
is). This is a world class exhibit that explores documents that are over
2000 years old. Fragments of the scroll are on display under very tight
security. The largest fragment on display is from the Book of Psalms and is
>70 cm in length. Along with the scrolls are several audio and/or visual
displays. A very beautiful 15th C. Koran is on display, samples of cuneiform
writing on clay shards and many other examples of very early writing. Two of
the display cases cover conservation errors made in the 1950s when the
scrolls were first being examined. A link to the museums homepage is
attached. http://www.grmuseum.org/. The display runs through June 1, 2003;
advance tickets are required.
Many thanks to all on this list who have contributed to my learning about
the book arts,
Drew Robinson

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