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[BKARTS] Festival of the Book Arts, UK - 12th May to Sunday 20th May 2004

An annual international celebration of the arts and crafts associated with
the manufacture, design and publication of fine books held in the mystical
Arthurian land of Cornwall. Commencing on Saturday 12th May to Sunday 20th
May 2004.

The main site will be in and around the Georgian Trereife Estate Penzance,
taking in venues in Penzance town and drawing complementary events from
many organizations in the Penwith District and around Cornwall.

The West Penwith is the county district of Penzance, St Ives, Newlyn, St
Michael's Mount and Lands End. This beautiful part of the world is steeped
in history and Celtic Folk Lore and is well known world wide for its artist
and writers colonies. From the Newlyn School of Stanhope Forbes to
D.H.Lawrence, Charles Causley, Daphne Du Maurier to the St Ives artists,
Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Peter Lanyon, Guido Morris, Rothco,
Patrick Heron and Terry Frost, to name just a few.

International artists, craftsmen and women, and practitioners of the many
associated skills will be invited to give seminars, talks, exhibitions and
workshops. Trade stands, sideshows and demonstrations will form part of the
vibrancy of the celebration.

Events: Seminars:

Given by leading experts from around the world: history of alphabet,
letterform, history of the book arts, printing techniques, paper making
techniques. Calligraphy, Illustration in Fine Books. Demonstrations:How to:
Make papers, publish, bind books, make books, use specific printing
presses. Calligraphy, Paper Marbling Woodcuts, Wood engraving etc.
Exhibitions: Various to be attracted from major foundations, institutions
and collections from around the world. Organised by the Bibliographic
Foundation in association with major National and International agencies.
Site: The festival would at its core be self-contained within the selected
site. Marquees, tents and portable buildings along with the house at
Trereife will host the main events. 'Centre stage' will be areas of
demonstration and display. Exhibitions will be sited in the house and also
with the cooperation of the Cornwall institutions, around the
County.Surrounding the core activities at the main site, trade stands and
trade display areas will be located.Trade Stands: Antiquarian Booksellers.
Limited Edition and Private Press Booksellers. Private Press Publishers.
Individual Artist and Craftsmen's Stalls. Individual Artist and Craftsman
Galleries. Papermaker's Stalls. Tools and Material for individual crafts
Supplies. High Tec Stalls. (Desk Top Publishing is very much a part of the
requirement of many Private Press Publishers). Computer Hardware and
Software Suppliers to the arts and graphic arts. Extra Curricular
Activities: On the site itself, Penzance, the West Penwith and various
venues in Cornwall, extra curricular events will entertain the guests and
participants of the festival. Cafes and Restaurants under canvas. Wine and
Beer Tents. Live Music, Classical, Jazz, Popular and Cornish Folk in the
evenings. Theatre, Poetry Readings and Cornish/Celtic Story Telling. In The
Town: A multitude of events staged in Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants.

Major International Competitions.

1st prize Modern Bookbinding.

1st prize Contemporary Calligraphy.

1st prize Private Press.

1st prize Celtic Art.

The festival will be to host a major international competition in the above
disciplines connected with the Book Arts. Prize money of £5000 per category.


There will be a strong emphasis on the educational value (academic, culture
and heritage) of the festival. People will have access to skills they
perhaps have been unaware of, see artefacts that are inspirational. School
children within the South West will be encouraged to visit the festival.
They should be aware of the history of alphabet, letterforms and the
written word. Be aware of how paper is made, how printing began, leading up
to the present day computers.  A 'package' for Teachers and Schools will be
designed in advance of the festival. A package, which will accumulate in
children writing, printing, designing and binding their own book. Teachers
and schoolchildren should be encouraged to attend the festival to witness
demonstrations at first hand.

Children's Book Art Competitions

1st prize best individual

1st prize best school

Enquiries to:

Daniel H. Nanavati
Rose Cottage, Altarnun, North Cornwall, UK. PL15 7RL
01566 86143

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