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[BKARTS] Nexus Press Closing

I have been a member of the Listserv for a long while, but have never
felt compelled before to step forward.  My name is Natasha Lovelace and
I am a longtime fan of Nexus Press.  I am a book artist and instructor
who lives in Georgia.  I heard about the closing of Nexus Press from
this Listserv and was quite upset and shocked to say the least.  Just
the day before, I was discussing with a student Nexus Press and
suggesting she go visit.  Nexus Press is truly one of Georgia's gems and
I want to do everything I can to help stop the closing.  I call upon
everyone to do the same.

Although I not informed as to the whole story and I doubt any of us will
be, I can honestly say, that if the closing is as unwarranted as I
suspect it is, I will never step foot in the Contemporary again.  I will
not recommend it to anyone either, including students, faculty, fellow
artists, friends.

I would ask that anyone more familiar with the history of Nexus Press
and their amazing contribution to the book arts, please inform the list,
as it would help with the writing of more effective letters.  It would
also help alert the book arts community as to the enormity of the
situation.  As a community, if we lose Nexus Press, we in turn lose a
piece of ourselves.

Best Regards,
Natasha Lovelace

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