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[BKARTS] question re: rebinding a modern book

I'm rebinding a modern book that started life with paper covers glued on
the spine over sewn signatures. I've used heat to remove the covers and
as much of the glue as possible, so what I've got now is a somewhat
clean text block. The next step would ordinarily be to pull the
signatures then resew them. But given that I've got a good solid text
block I'm wondering if I could skip the resewing. I suppose that it
wouldn't be difficult to add the endsheets and to sew on tapes for
attachment to the boards, but ...

How do I do rounding and backing on a text block with modern glue?

(I suppose that the easy answer is to go with a flat back, but the
binding must match another book that I've already done, where I was able
to start with sheets. These are the first and second editions of my
Dad's textbook; I'm doing full leather bindings for him as a belated
retirement gift.)

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed?


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