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[BKARTS] Rounding & backing hot-melt block

Karl Best asks:
>How do I do rounding and backing on a text block with modern glue?

Sometimes they are sewn and sometimes not, and can be either hardbound or
paperback.. It doesn't matter.
I take a regular clothes iron, set it on cotton, and iron the spine through
a piece of paper for a few seconds. That softens the adhesive. Then I round
it quickly, put it in the backing press (or between backing boards in a
lying press), iron it again for a few seconds, and quickly back it. It is
fast, easy, and the adhesive hardens again rapidly, allowing quick removal
from the press without losing the shoulder.

I do many leather rebindings this way. Usually they are case bindings. I
make the case with a hollow back and stamp the spine and/or covers in the
Kensol or Kwikprint. Mull (super,crash, or whatever is appropriate to the
weight of the block) is ironed onto the spine with added Jade or Elvace and
the hollow back applied to the spine. Then I lasso the joint and form the
headcaps. Last I paste down the endpapers. Sometimes all PVA, sometimes
flour paste with added PVA in the hinge area.  Occasionally on heavy blocks
or with heavy boards I'll case-in open with a leather or cloth hinge.

If you'll be in Minneapolis in April-May you can see several of theses on
exhibit at MCBA. There are many pix on my website of books done this way.
Many of The Bill of Rights are examples, such as

Although some of these were originally "round back hardcover," the machine
rounding/backing was insufficient for my purposes, so they had to be

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