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Re: [BKARTS] Help Save Nexus Press

To whom it does concern,

Upon my only visit to Atlanta in the late 1980's I first went to The Atlanta
Contemporary Art Center to visit the Nexus Press. This before the Light
Museum or any other place of "interest." Although primarily a maker of book
letterpress, my admiration of the work of Nexus likened this visit to a
pilgrimage. Books that take art beyond the gallery and into the domain of a
world audience sponsored by a local arts organization represented a visionary
step for books, art, The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center along with Atlanta's
art community, as well as the larger art and book world. To consider closing
the press (without more than two weeks notice) can only conversely portray
The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center as having lost all understanding and

Being informed of the immanent demise of he Nexus Press leaves me along with
the entire book world, artists' book community, as well the larger art
establishment with one word on their lips: Why? That there is no answer
forthcoming leaves only speculation which could forever cloud the reputation
of The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

But first I request that the closing of Nexus Press simply not happen.
(Afterwards discuss the reasons for this unwarranted decision in order to
solve whatever problems or difficulties may exist.) Know that the
continuation of Nexus Press is important to the world beyond Atlanta. That I,
and many others, consider the leadership of Brad Freeman essential to the
continued importance of the Nexus Press. That the unique place that Nexus
Press occupies in the world of art and books should not be summarily
destroyed. The world looks to Atlanta to live up to its contemporary
reputation as the Renaissance City of the South.

Leonard Seastone, MFA
Adjunct Professor of Art, Purchase College,
Nexus Press Residency Recipient,
Proprietor of The Tideline Press

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