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Re: [BKARTS] Digital artists books - suggestions

Sue Wood wrote:
>I am in need of new examples of artists books that can be viewed online

This one doesn't have the "page turning effect," but it does show variants
on the binding, have thumbnail images that link to the first page of every
chapter (like a thumb index in a dictionary ) and has a "next page" link at
the end of each page. It reproduces the entire book "Minsky in Bed," which
as a physical book exists in three copies, of which only one is in a public
collection (London,V&A). It is the ultimate self-indulgent autobiographical
artsit's book, and was the first one printed inkjet on handmade paper, with
hand colored and illuminated historiated and inhabited initials. At the
time I called it a  "Computer Incunabulum" because it took the newest form
of printing and applied the oldest form of coloring and illuminating, as
was done in the 15th century. The page design is a contemporary
interpretation of early printed books. There is a text written in the first
person and an inset commentary written in the third person.  For mature
readers only:

The page turning effect is a nice novelty, but can be annoying after the
first few pages. There are many variants using Java that wipe or peel the
page. This one is like a catalog index, where clicking an image brings up a
page about it in a separate window:

Nowadays I find the slow dissolve easiest to look at, so I used that for
sequencing the images on my home page:

The online book is great for art books as well (as opposed to book art)
such as exhibition catalogs. The Center for Book Arts is in the process of
putting its exhibition history online, including well over 100 exhibitions
mounted since 1974. This will include online reproductions of the
exhibition catalogs. It will run off a searchable database, so you can sort
it by artist, title, materials, or whatever. The first catalog  is now
being tested, and I'll post an announcement to the listserv when you can
see it.


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