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Re: [BKARTS] Digital artists books - C404

The best digital simulation of the experience of being in front of a
conventional paper codex book that I have ever seen was at last year's MoMA
show of The Russian Constructivist Book. The kiosks that were so cleverly
designed by the NYC design collective C404 can be seen (sort of) at


The actual experience was eye-opening. No fades or peels, this was the
closest thing to actually turning pages that I have ever experienced. It
seemed to open up the possibility of creating digital books that acted like
paper books (if that is the type of transition to digital that one is
looking for or cares to make).

If nothing else, it seems to open up all kinds of solutions to the perennial
problem of showing books in a gallery or museum space, without having the
books be handled by the public. As everyone knows, since books are a time
based media, just showing them as static spreads on a wall or opened flat in
a vitrine or other glass case is a very impoverished experience of the book


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On 2/23/03 8:01 PM, you wrote:

> I'll confess at the outset that I am posting this message in the hope of
> saving some time :-) I teach a subject called 'Art and Books' and in the last
> topic we look at 'virtual books'. Some of the examples I've used in the past
> have disappeared from the web so I am in need of new examples of artists books
> that can be viewed online - not examples where a single spread is displayed
> but the kind where there is an attempt to reproduce the sequential or page
> turning quality of a book in an online format. Previously I've had examples of
> books that exist in both digital and physical form and examples that exist
> only in digital form. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and may save
> me hours of fruitless (although interesting) surfing.
> Sue Wood
> Lecturer in Art History
> School of Humanities and Social Sciences
> Charles Sturt University
> Locked Bag 678
> Wagga Wagga  NSW 2678
> Australia
> Telephone: 02 69 332 646
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