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[BKARTS] *Slightly* tangential question

Perhaps this question is better addressed to a poetry list, but I'm already on this list, so this is, I hope, the path of least resistance:

I want to make a reasonably interactive and/or pop-up book for my adorable 12-month-old godson. I would like to base it around a poem (yes, even a boy of his apparent genius is too young to read, but why not start him off right?). Ideally, the poem would be: not *too* long, full of interesting visual imagery for me to build around, and the sort of thing you would like a growing boy to hear (i.e., he's probably a bit young for Larkin, say, or Bukowski). His parents are bookish folk, so if it were literary, I'd score brownie points.

Any thoughts?


Paper will stand anything you write on it.
 -- Lenin                              

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