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Re: [BKARTS] Digital artists books - suggestions

Hey Sue. I love the website below and hopefully it will fit your criteria.
While I enjoy all of the digital books listed, my own personal favorite

Go to this page to read "The History of The Calico Fish Press" if desired

Back to what I do best which is lurking (and learning from ya'll)
Phyllis Petersen / Fayetteville NC USA
aka Scribe55 - 55 - *glub* *glub* - Scarlett - Tassels (don't ask)
Sue Wood stated:
> I'll confess at the outset that I am posting this message in the hope of
> saving some time :-) I teach a subject called 'Art and Books' and in the
> last  topic we look at 'virtual books'. Some of the examples I've used in
> the past have disappeared from the web so I am in need of new examples of
> artists books that can be viewed online - not examples where a single spread
> is displayed but the kind where there is an attempt to reproduce the
> sequential or page turning quality of a book in an online format. Previously
> I've had examples of books that exist in both digital and physical form and
> examples that exist only in digital form. Any suggestions would be much
> appreciated and may save me hours of fruitless (although interesting)
> surfing.
> Sue Wood
> Lecturer in Art History / School of Humanities and Social Sciences
> Charles Sturt University / Locked Bag 678
> Wagga Wagga  NSW 2678 / Australia / Telephone: 02 69 332 646
> Email:  swood@xxxxxxxxxx

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