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[BKARTS] now that I'm in how do I pay for it?

Hello o wise and wonderful community of book
I have recently been accepted to Camberwell College of
Arts for the MA in Bookarts programme!!!  I begin in
Sept. very excited.  Now I need to find my tuition,
aarrgghh.  As a U.S. citizen, I am a foriegn student
here in London.  So, my tuition for this one-year
course is $11,500.  I have been looking at
scholarships like Fulbright and such but:
am at wrong time of year
am over 26
don't know where else to look

My hope is that between all of y'all there is someone
on this listserve who has that crucial piece of
information for me.

My thanks in advance to all who rack their brains on
this, on behalf of furthering art education and books
and this eager student.

LOVE-  Julie Caves

"...And he took the image he had fashioned, and set it in a great
furnace, and gave it to the fire. And out of the bronze of the image
of The Sorrow that endureth for Ever he fashioned an image of The
Pleasure that abideth for a Moment."  Oscar Wilde

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