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Re: [BKARTS] [Re] Poetry

Hello all,
I've used Project Gutenberg with Quark and InDesign, you have to use
the find (command f) feature to first remove all double spaces &
replace with 1 space, replace end of paragraph with one space, then
find all double spaces and change to return and tab. This way you
can flow the text through signatures without looking for every
unnecessary return.


Norm Fenlason wrote:

>Regarding the Gutenberg Project, the format of the texts is
>problematic. I heartily endorse their efforts, but raw text files
>can be difficult to get into a "reader". I recommend a site that
>provides public domain texts formatted for computer readers. The
>site is:
> www.blackmask.com
> David Moynihan's site has a search engine for specific
>authors/pieces and is organized topically. One of the topics is for
>younger readers. He even has foreign language editions. As much as I
>love books, I love to read nearly as much and with my Palm, I can
>take a number of "books" with me anywhere.
> Norm Fenlason

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