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[BKARTS] Compiling Book Arts Resources

Greetings to Everyone:

The Resource Committee of the Los Angeles Book Arts Center would like to 
enlist your assistance in developing it's website so that it is useful to you 
and all book and paper artists. We each have our favorite sources for 
bookbinding/book art equipment, tools, classes, and resources. If we could 
pool the collective sources used by all book and paper artists the resulting 
list would be a powerful resource. To that end, please help us by taking a 
few moments to recommend stores, schools, websites and other resources that 
you find invaluable as a book artist. All information will be collected, 
sorted, verified and made available to everyone at our website, <A HREF="www.LABookArts.com">www.LA
BookArts.com</A>.  Please email your responses to Diana Britt at (<A HREF="mailto:dkbritt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx";>
dkbritt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx</A>).  Please feel free to expand the space given if you 
have more things to recommend than will comfortably fit!

If there are particular things you would like to see on the Los Angeles Book 
Arts Center's website, what are they?

What are your favorite online sources? (Please list the full website address 
and tell us what kinds of materials, tools or supplies you buy from them -- 
please place a T or S next to any source you know gives Teacher or Student 

Do you know of good online tutorials in various book arts? If so, please 
share them with us and let us know briefly what the site teaches:

Are you aware of inspiring artist book websites? If so, please let us know 
what they are:

Please list your favorite stores, local or otherwise, for the following kinds 
of bookbinding materials -- again, please place a T or S next to any source 
you know gives Teacher or Student discounts:


    Beads, rubber stamps, fibers & ephemera:

    Books on bookbinding and paper arts:


Please list your favorite books on bookbinding, printmaking, collage, artists 
books and other paper arts:

Do you know of good book arts centers other than San Francisco's, Chicago's, 
New York's, Boston's, Minnesota's and San Diego's? If so, please share 
whatever information you have on them, especially website addresses:

What good schools or teachers can you recommend for bookbinding/book art 
training? We are particularly interested in Southern California schools and 

Do you know of organizations or individuals that might provide a source of 
grants or other funding to the LA Book Arts Center or its members? If so, 
please give us as much information as you can:

Thank you! With your suggestions and ideas, we can make our website a 
wonderful resource for all book and paper artists!


Diana Britt

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