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Re: [BKARTS] Card Stock Printer

How do the Epson printers being discussed (the 3000, the 2200, the C80 and C82)
do with black and white line art and with reproduction of non-photo color art
(watercolor paintings and the like)? Anybody?

Thanks, Meghan Merker

Dorothy Krause wrote:

> The Epson 3000 will print 16" wide by up to 44" long. There's a straight
> paper path so it can handle cardstock and watercolor papers. It's Epson's
> best selling printer. Artists love it.
> Dot
> Dorothy Simpson Krause
> 32 Nathaniel Way, P.O. Box 421
> Marshfield Hills, MA 02051
> 781-837-1682 phone,  781-834-1782 fax
> dotkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.dotkrause.com
> >Subject: Card Stock Printer?
> >
> >Does anyone know of a printer -- laser preferred -- that can handle large
> >sheets of cardstock similar to file folders (.010" and .020" thick)? The size
> >would be about 15" x 18".
> >Thanks,
> >Bill Minter

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