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[BKARTS] New York Workshops (Hedi Kyle and others)

Dear Book Artists, Papermakers, Printmakers, Calligraphers
Cooper Union Continuing education has some exciting new Master's classes
scheduled for the spring and summer....
for more information check the website:
Here is one that will undoubtedly interest many.
There are also some wonderful calligraphy workshops as well as
papermaking, ukiyo-e, and
photogravure classes that will be taught by outstanding instructors.
Cooper Union Continuing Education
Summer Master Class
July 14, 15, 16, 17, 2003    10 am- 5pm


As versatile containers and package devices books
accommodate text and imagery, textured materials
and objects.  Mechanical function and intriguing
structure share elements with architectural spaces
and forms found in nature.  The book becomes a
portable hoard for the ordinary and the fantastic.
This class offers a wide range of bookmaking techniques
based on sewing, folding, lacing and interweaving.
We will combine characteristic features of codex,
concertina and scroll to arrive at unique constructions.
To induce content we explore diverse methods such
as frottage, collage, stenciling, and low tech printing.
Bring things you imagine to be included in your books.


Hedi Kyle recently retired as Head Conservator at
the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia.
She continues to instruct students in the field of
book arts at the University of the Arts.
Conservation and traditional bookmaking have
served as a frame of reference for teaching and
personal work. Her one of a kind constructions
have been exhibited internationally and are in
numerous private and public collections.
She is a co-founder of Paper and Book Intensive
and gives workshops in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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