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[BKARTS] ME TOO! now that I'm in how do I pay for it?

Congratulations, Julie and A.C.! I also applied to the Book Arts program at
Camberwell; I visited during the open day in January and if you love the
fine arts approach to making books, you won't be disappointed. You probably
already know that you can get US Federal Aid to study at Camberwell;
however, the deadlines for the scholarships I know of have already passed.

I have already been accepted to the IM Masters Industrial Design program at
the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I hope all you hardcore
book artists aren't rolling your eyes out there -- my study proposal was
totally book-oriented, I swear! But as much as I love books, I also truly
relate to the concept of design and would like take an industry-based
approach to the possibilities of bookmaking.

So, my question is: does anybody have any Netherlands resources for me?
Unfortunately, I can't get US Federal Aid to study at this school. I have
searched for scholarships and grants to do so, but there seem to very few
opportunities and of those I'm in a similar situation as far as deadlines,
etc. Also, since this program is very much tied into professional practice,
I would like to know of any commercial binderies, publishing companies, or
book artists near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, or even in Europe that I
might contact during my research.

Feel free to email me off-list for details: elabay@xxxxxxxxx

Hooray for international book love!

Lani Labay

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Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: [BKARTS] now that I'm in how do I pay for it?

> After an intensive US search for Book Arts study locations, I am on my way
to Camberwell in the fall, as well. America does have some very nice
programs, but very limited in number. I would reccommend University of the
Arts in Philledelphia, PA. I toured their facilities in great detail and was
welcomed by everyone I met. They seem to have a very intimate environment
that is dedicated to the "fine art" side of book arts. Also, Universtity of
Alabama has a well-known program, but I don't know that much about it. Check
out their website for more info. Another interesting one is at Chicago
Center for Book and Paper Arts (part of Columbia College), and they have
something called the Aiko Fellowship. The have a very prestigious
collection, so I've heard. There are far more programs here that offer BA or
unaccredited study, but MFA/MA choices are limited. Those are the best I
found. Good luck in your search!
> A.C. Berkheiser
 ãS  Ò-8^-+-±êï~SÚ-[ayº('ªí°Z+²æìr¸©¶*'Swè®f­S?í.à+r ¯y©Ý¢Ø^®·¥j×­ë(º· ±©Ý-
> -¢Ø^ S$ »l,P jØm¶Yÿà )?)hn&å¢w(~
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