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Re: [BKARTS] Ten Minute Slipcase

I'm not sure what the ten minute slipcase is exactly, but Hedi Kyle has an
elegant, but fairly easy slipcase in her book Library Materials Preservation
Manual (1983).  I just taught a variation on her box to my Wednesday evening
Open Bindery students.  The instructions are up on my website in PDF format.
Remember, they were meant to be used in a workshop situation, but if you
understand book/box construction, you should be able to figure them out.

You can find the instructions under "Instruction & Workshops" section of my
website <http://bookworks.tripod.com/>.  Click on the "sampling of my
instructions" link in the second paragraph and you will find the Slipcase
instructions.  There are also other sample instruction sheets there too.

I'll be posting a couple pictures of this slipcase (both the simple variety
and one I've added a few flourishes too) in the next day or two.  So check
back if you want to see the slipcase in action.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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