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[BKARTS] McCosh is having an open house

For those in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area Melvin McCosh is having
an open house this weekend, March 8 & 9.

Flyer reads:

"Over the years many people have honored me with their friendship and
favored me with their custom.  They, and others like them, are asked
to an opening of McCosh's 42-room Lake Minnetonka House of Books on
Saturday, March 8, from 10 am to 2pm and on Sunday, March 9, from 12
noon to 4pm.

There are thousands upon thousands of books.  Books, scholarly &
semi-scholarly, scarce & semi-scarce, unusual & commonplace, arcane &

You need these books more than I do."

Melvin McCosh
26500 Edgewood Rd.
Excelsior, MN  55331

E-mail me *off list* if you'd like directions.

You can see some pictures of McCosh's House of Books here:


- Ducnan

"I can dream about being Bugs Bunny,
but when I wake up I'm Daffy"

- Chuck Jones

Duncan http://www.campbell-logan.com

       Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
             Minneapolis, MN

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