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Re: [BKARTS] was Ten Minute Now double posts??

It's the listserve, it's happening to me too. And by the way, thanks to all who
offered helpful hints concerning the capabilities of various Epsons! Thanks,

Bobbi Chukran wrote:

> >Well, Eric, thanks a lot!  LOL  I went to your site, downloaded the PDF's
> >(thank YOU), then went through the links..>>
> Something odd has been happening to my posts the last few days.  My message
> will appear, and then I'll get another one like this:
> <<Your message  is being returned to  you unprocessed because it  appears
> to have
> already  been distributed  to the  BOOK_ARTS-L list.  That is,  a message  with
> identical text  (but possibly with different  mail headers) has been  posted to
> the list recently, either by you or by  someone else...>>
> I'm only sending them once, though, and getting them once.  Is it me, or
> the listserv?
> Thanks.
> Bobbi C.

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